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Each Year Parents from our district volunteer or are elected to various positions within our PTO in order to deliver programming and fundraise for our school district. ย Below are the documents with information about who co-chairs various events and how to contact them.


Below is the PTO Executive Board for the 2017-2018 school year. ย These nominees were voted on at the May 2017 PTO meeting.

Co-Presidents – Jamie Ferstein, Jaime Goldstein, and Mara Lewis
Co-VP – Aptakisic – Julie Bratton and Polly Brenner
Co-VP – Meridian – Katya Hirsh and Amy Kingan
Co-VP –ย Pritchett – Nicole Kaye and Allison Renda
Co-VP – Tripp – Diane Goldstein and Danielle Izen
Treasurer – Jeanette Boecker
Financial Secretary – Bari Becker, Sheryl Cutler, and Shannon Evans
Co-VP – Marketing – Jenny Ban and Elina Marchenko
Co-VP – Community Relations – Yahna Awazu and Lauren Knell
Co-VP – Publicity – Sari Feldstein and Alex Krive
Recording Secretary – Sandi Schultz
Co-VP – Cultural Connections – Linda Low and SJ Park
Parliamentarian – Laura Jutovsky

6 thoughts on “PTO Contact Information

  1. Hello who can I talk to about my daughter not getting dessert on dessert day. I went on the website and signed up for each day. In August or early September. Paid for it and yesterday she was not included. I checked my account the amount was dedcucted. please help. Can someone please contact me

    • Hi! I’m so sorry to hear about this. Can you please tell me which school your daughter is at so that I can direct you to the correct person. Thank you

  2. Hi, I just wanted to check if I can still purchase a single desserts for my daughter’s Nella is in Tripp school and Natalia is in Meridian?
    Thank you

  3. Tripp School

  4. Hi! I am so sorry about this. Can you please reach out to the people in charge of dessert days at Tripp school. They can be reached by email.
    Heidi Cohen at
    Swathi Ivaturi at


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