Aptakisic 7th graders!!!!

    Hello Aptakisic 7th graders!!! Join Stevenson High School student leaders and other fabulous presenters for an afternoon/evening event complete with a pizza dinner and DJ party! Friday, April 12th is this year’s first ever Snowflake program at Aptakisic, a statewide leadership development program for students focusing on positive … Continue reading

Spirit Wear Time!!!

Welcome to Spirit Wear 2018! This year we are working with Heads Up Apparel and utilizing an online ordering system. If you have any questions about spirit wear, please contact Amy Kingan (amymkingan@yahoo.com) or Sharyl Sher (sharyl.sher@comcast.net). If you make an error while ordering, please contact Carley Ohlrich (carley@completeimageapparel.com) and … Continue reading

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