September 17


Log into Spelling City and play 2 activities with words from a list of your choice.
Work on Weekly Contract.

Today we worked on a technology iPad  activity with our buddies.

In Math we are finishing up place value with a detective place value task.  In Language Arts we began our Treasures unit on mysteries.  We will be writing our own mystery next week.

Our Science unit on soil blends perfectly into our beginning study of regions in Social Studies.  Thank you to everyone who provided us with soil from regions across the USA!

Don’t forget to use this site for practice links under The Math tab.

Below are some of my favorite moments over the last week or so.


September 16

My apologies.  Technology does not seem to be agreeing with me lately!  I am working on a  “work around” to get my posts updated at the end of the school day. 

Homework tonight

 Vocabulary from Mystery of the Missing Lunch

Math sign and return quiz

Check log ins for Spelling Vocabulary City 

Student Contract

September 10


Review math notebook and any math for Place Value quiz 

Student Contract 

MAP Math testing tomorrow 

Book  Orders due tomorrow 

Today we met our First Grade Buddies.  We will meet every other week or so.  Pictures to come!  

September 9


Math Place Value Rounding and Comparison 

Language Arts sentence writing/building 

Weekly Contract 


Parent please check and sign the assignment notebooks 

Student Contracts are NOT just only for digital means of studying.  

OH Mans are being given for missing nightly homework as well as missing or unsigned Contracts.  

We have our Math Unit 1 quiz Friday. 

MAP testing Friday 




For 2 Murdach Monies, who is this famous children’s author and what is one of his books?

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.53.45 PM

September 8


Turn the Question Around sheet – please finish 

Comparing five digit numbers 

New Student Contract begins this week due Tuesday, September 15 

Math Quiz Friday on Place Value – everything in the notebook so far

Library books are due tomorrow

September 4

May the 4th Be With You!   (Get it, September 4th????)

The only homework this weekend is to work on the Student Contract.  Get those minutes in!

I hope that all of my students get to have a fun weekend playing, laughing, dancing, or anything at all that makes them smile!  Enjoy the day off on Monday.

I want to share that our classmate Liza is at the Future Stars Camp for gymnasts at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.  How exciting this is for her!  Liza sent a few pictures to share.  It’s also Liza’s birthday today too!

Happy Birthday to LIZA 


GO LIZA!  facebook_1441387622406 facebook_1441387735120 (1)

September 2


Math – Quick-Check Sheet 3-1 

Reading – Review Chp 7 in Jake Drake and complete the reflection in the packet for this Chapter.  

Today was busy!  Three specials, a lock down drill, and so much more!

Thanks to EVERYONE so far for supporting your child with their homework and signing the assignment notebooks.

Our class is benchmark reading testing tomorrow.



For 3 Murdach Monies, who is this and who was his Vice President?   For a 1 bonus bill, what paper money features his likeness?  


September 1

September has sure come in with the HOT WEATHER!


Grammar proofreading pg4.  Please write your paragraph in your LA Notebook.  

Math Practice sheet 3 – 2   Use your notebook to help you remember and understand the 10x rule!

*Library books due tomorrow 

*Benchmarking – Guided reading was moved until Thursday. 



Name this famous group of cartoon characters for 5 Murdach Monies. This cartoon show first aired in 1981.  What is the PLACE VALUE of the 9 in the digits 1981?  


August 31


1. Student Contract

2. Math – Place Value practice – building numbers based on place value

3. Sentences – Practice grammar

4. PLEASE always remember to be neat and keep your homework clean.  

Today we continued our math place value lessons.  We played “heads up seven up” Place value version!

Our GTE time was today.  Mrs. Connor talked about the 4 C’s and worked on a visualization project with groups.  We had a lot of fun and creative ideas were flowing!

In Social Studies we continue to discuss regions and in Science we will begin our soil study tomorrow.

Ask you child who is Jake Drake.  He is the main character in our realistic fiction novel we are studying.  What is his story?  What problem is he facing?

Talk to your child about the Student Work Contract.  Let the practice begin!


Who is this a picture of?  If you know or want to guess, write his name on a piece of paper and hand it in tomorrow.  All correct answers will earn 5 Murdach Monies!  All good attempts will earn 1 Murdach Money.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.44.56 PM